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SMAI Institute - Identifying Socioeconomic Shifts and Their Market Impacts

The SMA Institute

The SMA Institute is a behavioral economics think-tank specializing in research that improves business models, investment performance and social impacts. A Scottsdale/New York based company with a deep history of insight and acuity in uncovering opportunities and innovative business solutions for a broad range of end users. The firm began under the name Strategic Management Advisors with a group of seasoned Wall Street executives aligning organizations to achieve breakthrough objectives using years of leadership experience.

To maximize outcomes, The SMA Institute currently utilizes experts throughout the globe, who have been recognized for correctly identifying socioeconomic shifts and their market impacts. Integration of cognitive factors of the rich into wealth-stratification research is producing more profound monetary-demographic understandings for a broad range of public and private clients.

Led by industry veteran and wealth expert Kevin J. Palmer, The SMA Institute uses its groundbreaking Research and Behavioral Finance Analysis to support its distinct yet interwoven specialties:

Broker-Dealers & Business Consulting - Increasing revenue growth and margin expansion through business model development, financial engineering and market share acquisition. (PDF Link)

Investment Policies - At the forefront in how socioeconomic factors affect stock markets, provides performance driven investment advice for portfolio managers and accredited investors.

Financial Literacy - Delivers media content that illustrates better understanding of how behavioral events translate into economic successes and improve the human condition.

" I'm an investor now but spent decades developing and driving strategic revenue models for Wall Street companies and later as a CEO of a behavioral finance firm developed investment policies. I was blessed to retire young enough to follow other passions like wildlife rescue and give up golf to eventually receive governors archaeology award. Then write a book on economic empowerment." ~ Kevin J. Palmer